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Brunel University innovation programme is highly commended

Research, Innovate and Emerge (RIEm) programme is a Runner Up with Highly Commendable status for the West London Business 2024 Awards

In a ceremony attended by businesses, policy makers, elected representatives and civil society members in West London, Brunel’s Research, Innovate and Emerge (RIEm) programme was declared as a Runner Up with Highly Commendable status at the West London Business 2024 Awards night. The judging panel specifically commented on the impactful case studies on business university collaboration for innovation funding and how RIEm helps businesses to collaborate with Brunel research experts to optimise innovation.

The RIEm programme at Brunel University London helps ambitious SMEs to translate their research and innovation (R&I) into fundable projects, so their solution can be taken to the market.

Innovation optimised

In the initial phase, the RIEm team assesses the innovation capacity and needs of the SMEs. Then, they help participants to develop an R&I plan. In the third phase, the team mentors the business to draft an organisation-specific R&I concept note for funding.

Ed Cole, Founder of Katlas Technology who connected with Brunel though NCUB’s innovation brokerage platform, konfer said: “RIEM helped me in crafting an application that has got an award of £50,0000 from Innovate UK. I highly recommend this programme.” As a potential RIEm Ambassador and representing the RIEm Alumni, Ed attended the award ceremony. With a cohort-based approach, Brunel’s RIEm helps each business target a particular funder. In the final phase businesses submit R&I funding proposals with a higher chance of securing funding.

Successful Outcomes

The programme helped Stix Mindfulness to validate its health solutions and sell products. Liam Murphy, Co-founder of Stix Mindfulness says: “The Programme helped support my confidence in grant writing. We were successful with the first application.”

The programme allows SMEs to engage with world-class R&I experts and investors to secure funding. Stix mindfulness also raised £1.3 million after their technology was validated to improve children’s mental health with the support of Brunel’s Psychology experts.

Support for Securing Innovation Funding

The programme’s unique customer focused approach, combined with one to one mentoring support has helped businesses submit funding applications with a total of over £6 million since its launch. It has secured over £2million from public and private funders.

Geoff Rodgers, Pro Vice-Chancellor, Enterprise and Employment said: “The RIEm programme is helping businesses secure funding for innovation and to collaborate with research experts.  Its strategic impact makes it a key component of Brunel’s SME engagement strategy.”

Brunel has supported 75 UK businesses in three cohorts. Teresa Waller, Director, RSDO said: “RIEm is proving its impact with a unique methodology on businesses to optimise innovation and to engage with different parts of Brunel.”

In addition to helping businesses to secure funding, RIEm’s unique methodology helps them to engage with different parts of a large university such as Brunel, familiarise with Brunel research facilities and labs and recruit Brunel graduates.

Dr Michael Joseph, who leads RIEm programme said: “RIEm has opened a whole new world to engage with businesses and university ecosystems to optimise innovation, create employment opportunities and to contribute to regional socio-economic development”.

At the West London Business Awards 2024, Brunel’s RIEm programme was shortlisted in the category of Economic Growth. RIEm competed with other four finalists to become the runner up with a highly commendable status. The judging panel observed that Brunel’s RIEm is rhyming for economic development.  RIEm alumni members, Garden Studios and Action West London also received awards and hangAir became a finalist in the category of most innovative businesses.

For more details on RIEm programme, please contact: Dr Michael Joseph:







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