Connections to empower innovation

A new report stresses the central role of universities in the economic and social recovery of the UK. With input from NCUB’s Chief Executive Joe Marshall, Empowering Innovation: the role of universities in boosting regional economies, published last week made recommendations to put the Levelling Up White Paper into action.

Innovators, businesses and universities fed into the report to help create a policy environment where developing research and innovation-led business opportunities across the UK could make better use of each region’s unique strengths to boost its regional economy. The report also highlights the UK’s need for a more collaborative, joined up innovation system to produce greater R&D activity in the UK.

Connecting businesses especially SMEs to the fantastic opportunities in UK universities was an important theme in the report. At the report launch last week, discussions highlighted the need for more help to make this happen. Well it just so happens the National Centre for Universities and Business (NCUB) recognises that issue and developed konfer to do just that.

NCUB’s digital collaboration platform, konfer, connects innovators and smart-matches innovation opportunities with over 150 UK universities and 72,000 ‘innovation ready‘ businesses.

If you want to make new connections to help you innovate, visit konfer.