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Funding panel vacancies at NC3Rs

NC3Rs is inviting applications from talented senior researchers to join the NC3Rs Grant, Skills and Knowledge Transfer, PhD Studentship and Technologies to Tools Assessment Panels from January 2023.

The Funding Panels are responsible for assessing the scientific excellence and 3Rs impact of diverse and innovative applications for research and career development funding. Further information regarding the expertise and level of experience required, as well as an application form, can be found on the NC3Rs website.

For this round, they seek panel members with expertise in the following areas:

· Animal welfare

· Cerebrovascular disease and inflammation

· Functional genomics

· Infection and immunology

· Neurobiology (particularly neurodegenerative disorders)

· Non-mammalian models systems (Drosophila, Galleria mellonellla, C. elegans)

· Pharmacology and toxicology (particularly in vivo systems)

· Statistics and experimental design

· Tissue engineering/ Complex in vitro models/ 3D model systems


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