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University spin-out businesses

Collaborations between academia and commercial partners can accelerate the translation of research into real world solutions to benefit the economy and society, driving growth, creating jobs, solving problems and even creating life-saving products – as demonstrated by Oxford and AstraZeneca partnering on the covid vaccine.

University spin-outs are a collision of the two worlds of industry and academia and a prime example of university business collaboration. Spin-outs are companies that are built on university research, translating it into commercial success, with additional potential gains for the institution and company founders in capitalising on any discoveries.

Interest in spin-outs extends beyond university walls to policymakers and investors - a recent report showed UK university spin-outs earned £2.5bn in equity investment in 2021, a five-fold increase on investment in 2012.

By their nature, spin-outs are at the forefront of emerging technology which is why 1441 university spin-outs companies are now identified in the konfer business directory.

Konfer is a digital gateway to UK innovation for collaborators in companies, academia, and other organisations with a keen interest in R&D, making it easier for businesses and universities to find each other and form innovation partnerships.

Thousands of ‘innovation-ready’ UK small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are in the directory which includes information on research projects undertaken by the companies. You can explore their research, see other collaborators as well as similar research undertaken by companies or universities. We’ve also added details of company registered patents, to demonstrate areas of interest, and provide konfer’s smart-matching technology with even more data to further improve opportunity matching.

Shivaun Meehan, konfer communications

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