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Monitoring underwater activity

Updated: Nov 17, 2022

The impact of the installation of innovative blue energy structures in coastal areas is unknown, especially how these structures might interact with marine flora and fauna. This underwater monitoring challenge was supported by Blue Deal who shared the challenge on konfer, to bring in expertise from UK businesses and academics.​

Abdelfateh Kerrouche, Assistant Professor at Edinburgh Napier University has significant research experience across a wide range of subjects encompassing optical sensors, automation and applied microbiology. With DeepSeaLab, a start-up Business, he proposed an Autonomous Robot for underwater survey missions such as mapping and collecting data related to water and fish. Robot inspections would reduce inspection costs and processing time significantly. This solution could change monitoring strategies for toxic molecules in water and diseases related to pathogens by providing on-site analysis capability, without the need for subjective microscopy for identification.​

Abdelfateh Kerrouche said 'I was delighted to respond to the underwater monitoring challenge and enjoyed pitching at the Blue Deal business forum in Valencia. It was a fantastic experience to network with an international group with interest in our technology. I am delighted Blue Deal continue to promote our research on their website. We are now using konfer to find UK partners to further develop our technology, as konfer is an effective and easy to use innovation platform.’

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